What are the colors available?

We plan to offer various colors later. Currently, the device is a combination of black and gray colors.

Is the product exactly as it appears in the picture?

Some of the pictures used on the site are rendered images. The actual product appearance may vary from these images.

Are there various sizes available?

The product is designed for one size fits most? An over sized individuals may replace the belt of similar width to pass through various loops. Undersized individuals may need to trim the tube at the far end from device.

How much cooling and heating does the device provide?

Ambient air is cooled or heated by the device. Air coming out from the device is measured to be approximately 8 oF cooler than ambient intake air. However, effective cooling is a combination of cooler air and sweat evaporation. Heating is approximately 25 oF warmer than ambient intake air.

How do I get cooling/heating at various parts of my body?

The device has been designed with some flexibility to direct air flow to various parts of the body. Simply slide the tube from the belt loops (bands), remove the cap at the end and move the flexible tube end to the point of interest such as arm pit, groin and face.

What is the weight of the system?

MiClimate has been designed to distribute load for most comfort. The AC unit, which is positioned on one side of the waist, weighs less than 2 pounds; battery, on the other side, weighs less than 1 pound.

What is the battery life?

Depending on the use pattern, battery life can be up to 4 hours between charges. However, a spare battery can be easily swapped for longer comfort.

What is the size of the AC unit?

The external dimensions are approximately 7.5”Lx4.6”Wx2.3”T

What is the warranty policy?

At this point the product warranty covers for manufacturing defects. We will repair or replace products with manufacturing defects only. Return postage may be paid by the sender.


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